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Heh, figured that. I never understood why taller guys give pick up advice. They have it 1 million times easier than shorter guys (I'm 5'8ish). Like I truly mean it when I don't understand how tall guys have issues with women. I don't get it! Every good looking girl in a relationship is with a taller guy.

Honestly if you're above 5'10 and you can't get girls, you have some serious issues and I don't feel sorry for you at all. I couldn't even begin to tell you how many girls that reject me 100% based on my height.

You always get the short guy that claims that height doesn't matter but then you look at the women they hook up with and you just lol and that they're still single.

Well I've rambled enough but I honestly believe for me at least that the only reason I am unable to pull the mega hotties is because of my height. Feel free to disagree but until somebody actually shows me a short guy with a hotty taller than him, I won't believe it as I've never seen this to be the case in my entire life ;)