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Although, not all of it is exactly like this, I really enjoyed reading this article, and it still has plenty to offer (these articles are like religion, pull the good from each one and make your own). I'd also like to respond to the post above.

"I totally disagree with this, since after all, women get approached all day, every day. They get told how beautiful they are a hundred times a day. She also notices that all eyes are on her all the time. If a woman gets rejected, she's got a line of prospects right behind him.

We're lucky if women stay single for even a week against their own will, not to mention how easy it is for them to blow us off for an already planned date, either by giving some lame excuse or ignoring us altogether."

I agree with part of what you're saying, but not all. You make it sound like women (fair looking to drop dead gorgeous) have a line of men at all times just chomping at the bit for a chance. I don't agree with this- it might sometimes be true, but not always. I've know several women that were very pleasing to the eye (some my personal friends, and others friends ex's) that had a very hard time getting anyone to approach them and simply strike up a conversation, or even ask them out on a date. This fault lies in the hands of the man. I'm even starting to believe more and more that the prettier a woman is, the less she's been hit on (in a lot of cases, not all).. That's my 2 cents- take from it what you will...