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Here's a situation with a great-seeming girl who seemed really into me but now isn't responding, almost certainly due to nervousness.  Trying to figure out how to salvage this if possible.

Went in for a haircut one evening a couple months ago.  The girl cutting my hair was cute and exactly my type, so I deep dived her.  She was totally into it and we had a great connection.  She seemed to really like me.  I didn't follow through and just left when it was over and basically forgot about her. 

About 6-7 weeks later, which was a few days ago, I went in for a haircut and, by a great coincidence, it was her again.  She remembered me, seemed excited to see me, and without me trying to game her or anything, she immediately tried to force rapport (it was pretty obvious), shared all sorts of details about herself without me asking, really wanted to know a lot about me, and on and on.  It was another great interaction and felt great, and I barely had to do or even say anything.  This girl is exactly my type--super cute and super feminine.  I asked her to grab coffee and then got her number as the haircut was ending.

I sent her a casual message a few days later to set up coffee, but she's totally ghosting me.  No response at all and it's been two days.  At first I just assumed she wasn't really that interested, but then I read this article.  It makes sense that girls can get as nervous as us dudes.  I definitely felt nerves when I sent her the message. I've got other girl prospects working right now, but this one just fell into my lap and I like her better than the others right now, so before I just move on from this one girl, does anyone have any tips for how to possibly salvage this without seeming desperate to get a response from her?  I hate asking or messaging girls twice in a row, it feels weak -- so if I do it, I want to up my odds of success.  Any tips would be appreciated.