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I'm in a tough spot with a girl who is running me hot and cold. I have no idea to what to think. So I met her when she was passing through where I work. Blah blah blah, I got her number and we did some texting and I asked her out. She has a family emergency on date night, it happens no big deal. Next date night her sister came to town who she hadn't seen. Another cancellation. We keep talking though and texting, maybe the girl just hit a rough patch. I ask her out again and receive nothing but crickets. I assumed she lost interest. Girl calls me up a few days later saying somebody stole her phone...ugh. At this point I was ready to be done with her but I give her one last chance to meet up with me and it happens. The date went ok, not great but the end of the date was good and she said to text her later. She texts me later and it's all so wonderful, it was a great night and she wants to do something again soon. That was last night. I text her today just to check in and crickets again, not a hello, not a hows it going, not a good morning, not a good night. Nothing. I just don't get it. Why be so sweet one night and then ice cold the next? It's very frustrating. I hate dating.