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Hi Chase

I started chatting with this girl on a dating website. She seemed to be everything I wanted in a woman. Absolutely stunning, smart kind thoughtful. We were texting for a few days and had arranged to meet up. I was going away for a week and she was busy that weekend. So we arranged to meet the following Saturday. She was really keen though, sending very long messages, very flirtatious and always apologising for taking too long to reply etc she also stated that she was scared I would end up bailing out on her before we got a chance to meet. Then all of a sudden mid week when I'm away she stops texting. I get the feeling she was talking to someone else. But gutted as I didn't get the chance to go on a day with her. I stupidly asked her outright if I'd done something wrong and if she had met with someone else. She just said that she had been busy and wasn't feeling well so didn't want to commit to the date (Thursday) and have to cancel last minute. I left it a few days and then text her again asking what she'd been up to etc. A few texts were exchanged and that was that. I then text her on the Sunday asking her how work has been and if she wanted to go out for dinner at some point during the week. No reply. I leave it another couple of days send her another one asking about dinner etc. I know where I've possibly gone wrong. I shouldn't have replied with the same length texts as her, I should have kept it shorter etc. And I did get slightly pissed off when she stopped replying to me. But I was wondering if you had any ideas for a last ditched attempt at getting a date with her. I'm convinced that if I can get her out for just one date I'll be sorted.