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She is my teachet and 10 years elder than me but I love her so much.I said her on message that "I love you".But she replied "It is natural thing,anything can attract heart so there is no thing to be sad?". I said "I'm sad". She replied again "it is natural". She also said me that she didn't mind. I said to her "I'm very serious about you" , she replied "don't be serious" . Then I said "by god I'm v serious about u
etc" then she replied me "It's ok I beleive it"
Then from last 2 days I'm sending her messges like sad poetry,jokes and plz. Reply me. But still she did reply me.yesterday she reply me that she was busy her gusts so she has no time to see sms" but today is sunday and she is free but she is not repling me. I'm v sad because I love her so much. Pl. Help me.that she reply me back.