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Hey chase, so I've been single for awhile now and my brothers girlfriends sister gives me her number out of the blue about two weeks ago. I've seen her before at family BBQ'S in the past and thought she was really attractive but noticed she had a daughter and possibly a bf, so I never tried hitting on her or anything. Well we've been talking/ texting these past two weeks and she seemed to be really interested in me so we arranged a date this past (Friday) for dinner at BJ'S restaurant. We ate and talked for about two hours and it was pretty loud in there so I asked if she wanted to go back to my place where it was more quiet and we can hang out and watch a movie or whatever. As we got off the car in front of my house she is immediately allover me, kissing me which is awesome. We go into my house and the kissing continues which leads to some pretty hot sex on the first date. Sex was honestly not my intentions but I wasnt gonna not have sex with her. While taking our clothes off she makes a comment about not being prepared for this. As if i was making her do something she doesnt want to do. We were just organically allover eachother. She sleeps over that night and goes home the next morning...hours later we text throughout the day (saturday). Come (sunday) no message from her all day so I text her later in the night saying hi and what she's up to. She responds "hi. hanging out with a friend" and i reply "oh ok" response from her but I'm not gonna bug her. Monday and Tuesday pass and no text or calls. I haven't called or text either. It is now Wednesday and I'm writing you this. I understand she has a daughter/ job/ school she balances however she does, but that didn't stop her before from making time to say hi here and there. Is sex on the first date a relationship killer? Does she think all I wanted was to just get laid? Or is she possibly just busy right now? We've been texting and talking pretty much everyday these past 2 weeks and had an awesome night after dinner to no replies for 2 days. What are your thoughts?