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I think all men hate the stuff you are going through and it's incredibly hard unless you're a sociopath not to feel the things you mention when you love someone.

After studying dating, seduction whatever you want to call it and getting out there in the field as they say I've come to the conclusion, you just have to work on yourself, be your best self, get out there, move fast, and move on quickly. Be you're own man, be true to yourself and keep moving forward. The women have to be secondary. Whilst sites like Chase's are great they focus on the girl, you have to be the focus, read and learn, but in the end it's about you, it always will be, whether it lasts five minutes or 50 years. If you make a woman the centre of your life you will fail.

Nature is cruel, it doesn't care about our emotions it only cares about results, i.e. she gets to breed with the best guy for her...funnily enough it isn't what the media tell you it is.

Women look for strength, in it's many forms,,,,,

You have to take the red pill & see it as it is...