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Hello, I recently met a beautiful lady at work training. The training was hosted at her venue. I couldn't help but notice that she couldn't keep her eyes off of me. I promised myself, that Id go back there and ask her out. This was the first time I've done something like this. I went and setup my laptop at her bar, got myself a drink and as she walked past I asked her politely if she could mind my things, while I went to the toilet. On my return, I didn't say anything. Because she was behind the bar serving someone. Although on the back of my receipt I wrote my number and a message with my name "Coffee sometime?" and I walked out and thanked her for minding my things, handed her the note and said "We should grab coffee or a drink sometime?" to which she replied smiling "Yeah, thank you so much" I told her to enjoy the rest of her afternoon and left. I finished work later that night at 2:30am and noticed I had a text from her at 12:05am. She said "Hi (my name), it's April.. the girl you gave your number to, hope work wasn't too bad :)" and I replied at 4:00am with "Hey April, work was so busy tonight. But I loved spending time with everyone. Just catching the nightrider home. You enjoy the rest of your shift?" To which is has now been 24 hours and I have not received a reply :/ Just wondering how I should follow up the next contact, if she doesn't end up replying?