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hey i need a good realistic opinion

so i met this girl online she wanted to chill with someone chill for a night she is very pretty and about my age she told me out of all the responses she chose to meet up with me she sais she had a good feeling about me so we met and ended up going to my place we talk alot about this and that everything went well we got at my place she suggested we watch a movie we sat on my bed leaning on the wall and we mainly talked laugh and completely ignored the movie for over and hour it was nice and although im not sure she was expecting it to happen it did i kissed leaned in for a kiss and we laid together and she kept telling me she felt good and i could tell she missed the companonship of a person on and itimite level she is 21 by the way and so we talked alot and cuddled hugged kissed and teased each other ect and when we were naked i hessitated and asked her if we shoukld do this and then told her i was not comfortable with this and i explained to her im not in love ect she said life is not so complicated when you have an opportunity you should take it and i cold tell she wanted us to have this moment together and of course i wanted too but i dindnt want to hurt her but we talked and we got back to cuddling and kissing and i told her i was excited so we ended up doing it was i good that i dont know i think i was at least average in bed but i did eat her fruit and play with her she liked it bassily yeah so after we had sex she wanted to sleep it was 5am we met at 11:30ish pm so yeah i though nothing of it kinda anyway i asked to cuddle she said she just wanted to sleep i could understand that so arround 12 she got up and i had made her some eggs she ate before leaving we didnt talk much in the morning it made me anxious i guess before leaving she gave me a look i knew she wanted a kiss so i kissed her again on the lips good bye and i asked her if she wanted to meet again she said yes i was convinced at her response then she left i texted her around 6:30 that evening asking her if she got home alright and got a little more sleep no response the next mornin around 7am because i work nights and i told her thats why i was texting her so early so i said i had a good time she was very open with me and i really enjoyed our discussions and such not a huge text but a good texte message and i concluded by saying she has my number she can contact me whenever she wants to talk and didnt get a response then arround 4:30 pm si like 10h later i called her no response and now this morning i texted her a chill message hello its me ___ good morning what are you doing todayare you down to chill? i want to see you again with your pretty smile and get to know you better if you are open to the idea then let meet up later if your free and now i dont know if she will respond but i grew attached and it sucks i miss her haha and i dont need you to tell me to move on or anything it was just a comment but what do you think of this should i expect a response or should i call her in a few days i dindt ask her for her facebook unfortunately i mean everything we did happened fast i ddnt want to push things so i dont know if she is interested or if i made her uncomfortable somehow i wished i had gave her a big hug and kissed her more passionately befor eshe left but i hessitated i didnt want to push it you know but she did say that she wanted to see me again when i asked did she lie or have a sudden change of heart am i to pushy in my texts how do i attempt to fix this? if it helps she is a arabian girl so it may help you paint a picture of her character