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I have been talking to this girl for a couple months now. She has told me she mult. times that she likes me and wants to see where things go. On the night I was going to go to her place for the first time, she went missing in action. the next day she told me her Grandmother died (they were very close and it was sudden). She was very sad. Over the past week, she has been very distant (blowing off texts or short answers). So i called her out on it and asked whats up? She responded by saying these exact words:
"Sorry I'm really going through a lot with everything and i don't have time to focus my energy on anything else. Right now i just need some space and time."

Then I asked if Im getting the girl I liked back and she responded "Yeah, I just need some time and space."

I kinda expected to be a rock for her during this sad time, not be completely cut out suddenly when everything was going really well and starting to steam up.

Am I actually getting this girl back, or should i just move along?