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So I've been reading things here for quite a little while and yesterday I decided to contact a girl I never talked with but I added on Facebook since we exchanged some decent eye-contact and she is a friend of an old schoolmate. I tried to be friendly but in the end I sent a weird message (something like "Hey [INSERT GIRL NAME HERE], how you're doing?", weird since I never ever talked to her) and she saw and sent no answer, which made me feel really rejected, even a bit bitter. But then I realised she was rejecting my approach and not really me (sound familiar, uhh?), and decided trying again on a different way, since I had nothing to lose, so I sent another message today saying that I had realised that my first message was kinda strange and that I thought she could be a really interesting girl and wanted to know her. She answered with a "Heey" and we started chatting. I don't really know how things will go but I'm already glad I didn't just gave up on the first try.

I was dating a really sweet girl, but she was all "busy with her stuff" and basically ignored me for 2 weeks. Then she came back saying that she was going throught some crazy stuff and had time for nothing, but really seemed to want a relationship with me. So I started to think and I decided that I didn't really wanted something serious with her. At first I thought it was because of her absence and inconcistent interest in me but after reading some stuff here I realised that I was really afraid of being stuck with her "forever". I'm a really shy guy sometimes and this can absolutelly destroy my chances with women in certain situations. I've been fighting this for years but I feel like I still need some improvement. And my social skills were really bad, like most guys, which again would lower my chances with women, even thought many girls say I'm an attractive and smart guy. In the end she made things really easy for me and made me feel like if I stayed with her I would never really confront this problems, which seemed good atm but bad on the long run, something like I either marry her or "stay forever alone" (gross exaggeration but...). I'm 19 atm and I feel like I want to be challenged by women and improve a lot more, so I just wanted to say thanks for putting this awesome content here, you're surely helping many man to have a better life.