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Hi Chase,
I need some input.
I set up an online dating profile. Honest and straight to the point. Was chatting with a few woman when one contacts me and tells me how she likes my profile and how it was very earnest.
I responded to her and her to me 2-3 times and she dropped off for a few days. I sent her a message saying I was taking a break and closing my account but left my contact details if she changed her mind.
I got a message a week later apologising due to her being so busy with work and how she had to hunt my last message down through I.T with the dating website.
It continued being difficult in liaising with her. I'd text and she'd take days to get back to me. Eventually ended up having dinner. Things seemed to go really well. I sent her a text when I got home thanking her and she responded that evening that had a lovely evening. Before the date ended I asked her out again and she said yes. So I sent her a message 2 days later asking her out and no reply. She's a psychologist and Christmas is extremely busy but surely people look at their phones and get the message. Why no response or is there such a delay. I think we cross all the boxes for each other but I'm a straight forward guy who calls things as I see them but she is always very slow to respond which leaves me doubting everything. What can I do?