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Hi Chase,

Long story short I met this girl at my dorm and asked for her number. We got coffee that weekend and we made out/fingered her. She didn't want to have sex because she was on her period (I really tried to push for it because I know the importance of it but she didnt even want to take off her panties before and she put up a really hard wall for sex).

We came back to my dorm and just made out for hours and had an amazing connection (we think very similarly). I didn't want to let her go so when she went to dinner with her friends at 8 I said we should meet back at 11. When I saw her right before, she said she had a girls night with brownies and stuff.

A few days later, I texted her asking her to come over that night. She sent me a text at 2am sorry! and she had a chem study sesh and her phone was dead and "next time?". I got her text in the morning and we had school off so I said "No worries. Had an awesome night. Wanna explore with me today before we get busy again?". The next day (today) evening I sent here "Hey (her name). Wanna hang before I leave Thursday Night for the weekend?"

I made sure to follow the 24 hour no response text rule but I feel I may have come off as too desperate. I just can't stop thinking about her (I have approached 6 girls today trying to get my mind off of her but the emotions with her are addicting). especially since she said she would have sex once she was off her period.

I'm going to Vegas for an entrepreneurial thing for the weekend so I wont be on campus.

1. What should I do?
2. What can I learn from this? (I have a problem obsessing over girls I hookup with who I feel I have strong connections with and who I really like. I was a virgin till July 4th of this year and I've slept with 6 girls since and lots of sexual stuff with others but like the girls I really like I feel like I obsess over and I drive away. Is this just a growing or is there a way to fix this?)