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Hi Chase,
Nice article you wrote. I've got similar problem, well, at first our relationship was doing quite well. Actually, it was a long distance one.
Me and my girl were oceans apart. But the communication was doing good, until it came that day. I texted her, no reply, I called, no answer.
I wait (because she has done this to me before and we ended up back together). But I don't think this time is the same.
Now it's been almost a month! You know I was this close to text her, "Answer me, you bitch!" But fortunately, I deleted it. I was glad I didn't lose my head. But it was torturing, endless waiting to get her reply. My friends (also ladies) said, no need to keep on waiting, move on, find another, and so on. But it is not that easy to let go such feeling deep inside my heart. So Chase, if you were me, what's your choice, keep on waiting, or try forgetting her, although it hurts?