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Hey Chase,
I have been reading your articles and i am guessing you would have had the experience of dating strippers too .
So i have been to quite a few clubs and i am usually good in knowing when the stripper is playing you for your money and when she is being actually genuine but i still aint good at reading those signs to those T.
So there is this one girl at the club i have kinda started falling for(Risky i know ,but i dont give a fuck, its an experience),She gave me her number and we talk a lot at the club usually without paying her to to dance for me but she hesitates a lot to go out on a date , when i told i will be leaving the state for a while i sensed a little sadness in her and for the first time in the club she took me aside and we made out .
I dont honestly speaking still understand whether she likes me. What would be your take on the situation , and could your give like some guaranteed signs of a stripper liking you when you are at the club ?

Thanks in Advance!!