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Hey, good article! Yesterday I was at a party and I started to talk to this girl for an hour and a half. And I thought, this is going good, why don't ask for her number. So I did, and she said yes to maybe going on a date someday. We kept talking for a bit. Then I had to go to the toilet and we said we've meet inside. When I came back she was talking to her friends, but not indicating that she was done. When she was done she went to dance with her friends, and basically avoiding; I think. At least it felt like that. When the party closed we went outside, and I still felt things were akward. So I was there talking with her and her friends. And when I was leaving she said, text me and I'll text you back. I asked her if she was avoiding me before, and she said no. So then when I got home, my mates persuaded me to text her, and I did. We both have Imessage, and it usually says delivered when it is you know delivered to her. But it never said it, and now the day is almost over and I haven't heard anything from her. Is this salvagable?