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been talking to a woman for 3 weeks now, at first she seemed very interested in getting to know me, we talked for awhile via a messenger. talked about meeting in person an getting to know each other an she gave me her number to contact her. We texted each other for afew weeks trying to figure out when she was free to meet, seeing as it seemed like she was down to meet up whenever. When it came time when i was free she never responded on what day during the weekend she was able to meet. When she got intouch with me she let me know it wasn't me but that she was busy so i understood an i told her i understood. Sometime later i invited her to meet me at a theme park, keep in mind i have been very open an up front. Telling her that i am interested in seeing her , that of what i've seen an heard so far i happen to like a lot (more than i care to admit for the moment) She has given very possitive remarks about what i have shared. Also keeping in mind that her an i are looking for possible spouses, which i've also made clear of that interest quote "Everyone is speical, from what i have seen you seem very speical to me. I like what i know of you already, don't plan on going half way. In it for the long haul." all of which i've gotten smiles. She liked the idea of meeting and accepted. Told me she was excited about the day we planned on meeting. After which she then wouldn't respond to any text , After i got off work i waited till the evening an gave her a call to see if she was going to be getting a ride , to see what the deal was just so we'd have everything figured out an not improvised. She canceled apologised , which i understood very well. something came up. But I'm very confused about this silence. I have stood back an given her time to reply when avalible to what i would think someone who showed so much interest. need some adivice X.X