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Hey Chase, I love reading your articles and i have tried applying them for staring a convo with girls. It really helped a lot Thanks for that. But some times while talking to girls it really confuses me. I mean while talking they reply to me at first but later on they stop replying. The thing i am gonna tell you is about just a girl, but same happens to me frequently.
Well i just try to find out a real caring girl for me to be in a relationship with. Even if it is a Long distance relationship (LDR) it can go on if the two loves each other.

Your posts really helped me a lot so i wish you could help me in this.

So here is my story.
I try to talk to girls many reply, some don't. But there is a girl we met on a online game which we both play. So we started to talk to each other. She said she likes to talk to me when i asked her about it. (I asked her coz many don't like if someone texts her frequently) So i talk to her when ever i get time in a day. She also replies me when she get time. So it was going good. We thought of having some nick names of each other. Actually it was my idea but she said it will be a cute thing to do. So i had one, when i asked her "What would you like to keep mine?" She replied "I cant decide any name for you". So i didn't insisted her her. But i continued to say her with a name which i kept for her. Then again a few days gone. Then a guy came out of nowhere. I saw her talking with him on the game. (The game has a chat window where every player can talk with each other when ever they want) So when we were playing together i asked her who was he. So she replied "He is my bro. We met on this game but we are bro and sis." So i said OK. (So one of my question is "Did I do wrong by asking her about him. I mean was it kind of personal to her?") Then after 2 days, she introduced me with her "bro" in the game. So we 3 had nice conversation over there. After a day i thought of talking with him when she wont be there. I talked with him too. While talking with him he asked me....
him: hey do you like her?
me: (after some time) Ys. She is really a sweet girl.
him: Yes she is. You know she was proposed by many guys before. She said no to them.
Me: yes i know. She told me bout that. Hey will you help me out with her?
him: I will try. Lets see.
Me: Thanks. And She knows I like her.
Him: And she once proposed me too.
Me: Why? As a bro?
him: She liked me but i had a gf so i said no to her.
Me: ohh ok.

(When i said i love you to her she said, "I want to be free for now but lets see what happens later. Nobody knows it.")

The next day, when i started the game, I saw a other guy other that her bro was talking to her. So her bro asked her "who was he?" she replied he is just me friend. So then he asked some details bout the other guy. She replied why are you asking that. He said Many guys try to flirt with you. She said it is nice. :) So he said it is not for me coz i dont want that. When she asked why, he said i will tell the reason later to you. (Because he didnt wanted me to hear that) (If he is her bro and he also knows about me why would he say that? There were not any other guy who knew english there. So it was not the reason to tell it later to her.). Then later after some time she messaged me on kik (a messaging app) asking, "Hey did you say to him that I said I love you to you???" (He said her that, I said him she proposed me.) Thats when i got that he turned his back on me. So cleared her doubt that i didnt say that. But till that incident in which she was playing with where they would have chatted bout something or me. (Where i was not able to go) Then after that game i asked her why didnt you played with me? (coz before that incident she used to play just with me for 30 min). But after that incident when i asked her that question she said i dont want to play with you... I asked why, she said Coz i want to play with him not you.
Well that hurts when someone says like that. Then i asked her more about some other guys she mentioned about, she used to say he always ask me where i am, how r u and all that. (in short he used to care her). And from before i too used to care her, when ever she didnt replied me. I asked Where were you? are you all right? and all. And I used to care her a lot. (I dont know is it my fault or any good quality bout me?) And after that incident she said dont care for me we are not in a relationship. So i asked "So do you like when that guy cares you or is it just me that you dont like?" She said it is my problem, my personal life...

Then after a half hour i asked her "Leave everything, can we start over again? I will change"
Thats it.

1. So did i do right by asking about start over?
2. Do I do right by caring about her soo much? Or i should stop asking girls questions like that?
3. what should i do so that she or any other girl talk/text to me by her own?
And please tell me some thing so that i can get her.
Or if you think i had done something wrong while ever talking with her please tell me.

And can you tell me one more thing "Ho to break the ice while talking to a girl over text for the first time" and many girls dont even reply after i say "Hi, how are you?" They just reply "i am fine how r u?" so nothing after that. So should i ask them any other questions after some time to keep the conversation going or what else can i do? Or if they dont reply what can i do?

Thanks for giving me your time. And sorry of a lengthy message. I didn't knew how to explain.
I Really Thank you. Waiting for your reply.