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Ok liking the advice here and im glad im not alone. So i go to a local bar once and awhile and know the bartender very good(girl) i have a couple drinks and i see another bartender (fine as hell) she comes up to the other bartender i know and i over hear her saying she was trying online dating and had a bad experience she walks away, i have a little liquid courage in me because i am usually very shy and i tell my bartender why is she doing online dating shes gorgeous and she tells me that shes very busy with school/work/charity.Next thing i know both disappear in the back and my bartender comes over to me and says we need to have a serious conversation i told her what you said and she told me to give you her number soo im like hell ya shes 27 im 29. So we end up texting for the next couple of nights next thing i know it stops and i wait 2 day before texting again and she responds so its thursday night and i let her know my buddies and i are going out saturday you should come hang out, no response saturday comes around and my phones dies on me around 10:30 pm and i know she gets off around 10 pm, i get home around 1 am charge my phone and i have a missed text from her around 11 pm saying sorry i just barely just got off work we were busy, so i felt like breaking my phone but not really because i let her know 2 days prior what i was doing and she texted last minute. So she tells me shes off on mondays and so am I, I wait till monday to hit her up and she already has plans a co-workers bday.Then ill get a text like every 3 days i respond back and i get no response so im like wtf been going on for 3 weeks so im ready to just move (very confused)