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So there's this girl I met and we have talk for like one day fully got along really quick thou she wants to meet me I wanna meet her she's been busy thou so we were talking about that and so we wanna take everything slow cuz she just got out of a relationship and doesn't wanna get I to something quickly also she has been busy with school and work this few weeks also she felt a lot of pressure on herself me so then after that day I texted her the next day I got no response then texted her later night nothing either. The next day I texted her around 11 she texted back only once then after she didn't at all and I know she read my texts cuz it said read and then Tuesday I texted her again and she replied talked for a little but then nothing and I texted her at night but nothing at all...and today I didn't text her the whole day and she never replied idk what to do!? Should I just wait till the weekend or what?? Please help really like this girl and don't wanna ruin things?...