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Greeting sir, how are you? Could you please help answer my questions too? I will highly appreciate and if you can't it's okay. I still appreciate for your time reading it anyway.

>Alright, so I met this girl the other day, she seem like she was interested in me; nice and shy/quiet girl you know. So than I ask her to be my girlfriend and so she say "yes." For the past two days, I'm constantly text messaging her because I wanted to get to know her better. I thought I was just doing the right thing to be a "Caring Boyfriend." Apparently, now she wanted to be friend. She text message me back saying "I think it's just me, but can we be friends because I don't really know you that well." I message her back saying "That's fine, etc." Third day: This morning I text message her if I could come visit her at her school because I was passing by to go get my Transcript. Nope, she did not reply back at all even until now; usually she does, but oh well. I didn't even bother text messaging her back anyway. Thought maybe it would be to overly obsessed. So I just let it be.

Chase, what do you think? You think I should moved on and forget about it. Give me some feedback. For the past years, I had been overly rejected. I'm doing the right thing everyday. I'm not no criminal or what ever. Last week, I asked a girl I liked for several months ago to prom. Apparently she rejected me. Yes, that was pretty depressing. (Again) I told myself that I give up; I'm tired of starting a new "Get to Know You." And there it was, I was set up to a blind date with the "nice and shy/quite girl the other day."

-Kevin S.