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my questions is I hooked up with a girl, but before we went all the way she said lets wait i like you. The following fri we went out to dinner had a great time. made out etc. but she said she had to get up early so i took her home around midnight. That following tues, my bday she was so excited to take me out for drinks and dinner before we met up with friends. But again stated she cant stay out late bc she has work early the next day...we end up stayign out until midnight she drives me home more kisses and then makes plans again to see me fri where she will have more time and can stay over since she doesnt have work sat morn. Suggests that i cook her dinner and we finally go see that movie we were talking about.... well fri rolls around she comes over is super affectionate makign out cuddling but says she got screwed at work and has to cover a shift in am....we eat dinner go to the late movie and she is leaning on my should er the whole time and holding my hand... we get home she leaves my house at like 2am after movie and says shes upset she cant stay over. Well since last fri basically no replies to texts ( and i havent really been texting much or asking to hang out since i know shes working, just one liners) got a couple generic responses on sunday way after i texted like going back in tonight worked 12hrs yestr. She has worked non stop since sat so i know shes busy and finally responded 24 hrs later on tues after i asked how her event went on sun "still grinding finally off starting this afternoon" i texted back to her and didnt hear back until this am to the effect "sorry i didnt get back to you, got off work and holed up in my apt.." I waited and responded, "can only imagine how bad you needed that after 6 days of work" still no response...... before that the past 2 weeks we would text back and forth not immediate but would reciprocate within a couple hrs and got more of a feeling that she wanted to talk/tell me about her day. I want to say shes busy and needed time to herself but now i feel like im loosing my mojo in the situation and have lost control over communicating.