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great advice. totally agree on the short interaction theory. however i don't agree with the no reply rules. generally i follow the structure below:

if there are no prior texts exchanged:
initial greeting text ignored - (it's fine because she doesn't need to reply)
wait a day min.
2nd text after the greeting ignored - (she's not replying due to one of the reasons you wrote about)
wait 3 days - a week
3rd and final text (if she doesn't reply then move on)

if there's already a conversation going then it's on a case to case basis but if she's cancelling continuously then high chances she's not interested.
either way it's your time so just keep moving forward friends.

chase if you read this, i'd like your thoughts on this structure, i think if she's interested this is a good way of filtering, being direct and not depreciating your value.