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Hey Chase,

First of all, fantastic advice.
Okay, so the other day I met this beautiful girl at a bar that I work at and we immediately hit it off. I find out that she cuts hair and she gives me a free haircut coupon and I tell her that I will be there to get my haircut the next day. She even tells me what hours she work so, that I would see her. After this, I got her number and she proceeds to invite me over to her place to smoke.
We get to her place and we're sitting on her couch just relaxing when I make a little move but it's denied but we continue to chill. Before I know it, it's 6:30 in the morning and we have fallen to sleep on the couch sex. I wake up but before I leave, we share a pretty intense hug...I know, we just hug.
Anyway, the next day, I actually go to this chicks barbershop and use the free coupon she offered me. I see her there and she genuinely seemed exited to see me. Nonstop eye contact, the blushing, everything.
So, my thinking is that this girl is definitely into me. So, after my hair cut, I text her to she if she's doing anything during the weekend, her response verbatim, "nothing, what's up?" To which I reply, "Okay well I'm taking you to this (blues club), bring your dancing shoes" It has been a day and she has yet to respond to me. Usually, at least for me, this gets an immediate response. Especially, if I think the girl is interested. If I was too aggressive in the asking out process, please help me fix this. I really like this girl.