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hey ,
i just met a girl in her college fest , she gave me pretty strong signals eye contact and smile 1st day so i talked a lil bit and on 2nd day again same signals but i played safe avoiding her but on last day i made my move so did she , also by standing besides me and asking to sit with me , so i asked her number gave my cell phone to her to feed her contact so she can feel that she invested something .
i left her message just ( i.e rick here) and she replied got it on 1st day of messaging then on second day i played cool did not message her but on third day started conversation left her a message got an instant reply.But after a while say about 5 mints of 2-3 message's exchanged she replied me half an hour late i played cool again as usual did not wanted to sound desperate then the convo again picked up then i messaged her also late(15mints) just saying goodnight as i wanted to have an upper hand , she also said goodnight .
i am learning the game , as i am a new bee .
My question - is she trying to play safe or just messing around and why do girls break the flow of conversation while texting ?