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Hello Chase,

I hope you answer my doubts, I will try to make it short... Ok so I met a girl the 26 of January this year. My friend introduced her to me. I was supposed to help her with calculus and algebra, I didn´t teach her much that day, because we didn´t have that much time. When we left her at her house we kissed good bye. I told my friend to tell her if I could have her number and sh told him "Of course, give it to him!". We then saw each other after school the 29th, we waited for our mutual friend to come. I held her backpack and while we were walking, there is a step about a foot high. I passed it and then offered my hand to her, which she gave to me. She let me buy her her food and let me hold her hand while I was teaching her how to use chinesse sticks (sushi). The last time we saw eachother was the 2 of February. She asked me questions about me, if i liked this and that. She knows since the 28th that I like her because my friend told her "Hey I think Jose likes you, what do you think of him? so he doesn´t get his hopes up". She told him "I won´t tell you anything, so you can go and tell him if things are going to work then good if not well..". I think to myself: "If she isn´t interested or attracted why didn´t she tell him, you know I really don´t see him that way, it was that simple.". That is in person, in text... she takes like 5 to 6 hours to respond IF she responds, and when she does she texts something totally new. I see she gets online in whatsapp, but doesn´t reply. I already made an appointment with her this 5th of Feb. I am going to give her some supplies I don´t need anymore. I was thinking buying her a hello kitty usb since she doenst have one and loves hello kitty. And tell her right there, that I would like to get to know her better and stuff. What do I do I am really lost, should I do that? why does she act distant through text? PLEASEE HELP ME I know you get a lot of stories and mine is LOOONG, but pleease help me. :(