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So I met this girl at a church thing right. First time I went there. After the first two minuets of talking she asks me for my number. So then we were watching this church band perform thing. She sings on stage and everything. So when she comes down off the stage she kinda motions me to come with to sit by her. So I did. Well we whisper back and forth a little during the time were sitting listening to a lady talk. Well the church bus is leaving and I'm gonna miss it so I hesitantly leave. Well the two days after that night we text on and off. Well the third day the talking is kinda slow. Well the fourth day I say hi a little after noon and I know she read the message because the iMessage says so. But no reply. This has happened a couple times. I really like her. And she seemed to like me. Did I do something wrong or is she just not interested any more. It is 6:00 now and still no reply