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Traditional dates are a scam!

If someone flaunts some merchandise and has me pay for it in the hope to get it knowing full well he won't be giving it to me. What do we call this man? A conman, is what we call him. A conman running a scam. Likewise, women who take money from men they have no intention of sleeping with should be called what they are: crooks! Crooks running scams! And the men who fall for it are called suckers.

If I pay for some woman to put out and she doesn't, then I want my money back! Don't be afraid to be petty. Knock on the bitch's door and demand your money back, and possibly even your jokes back. Tell me two motherfucking jokes right now!! They need some social consequences for scamming men like that, they need to be made uncomfortable for it. You'd try to hunt down that dude who scammed you, wouldn't you?

That other commenter said she wanted a man who takes care of business, of the finances. Yeah, but of whose business? The business of a woman who's solidly his and heeds his word, yes! Not that of some foreign woman he never saw before and won't be seeing again. What is he, some kind of Bernie Sanders? Free shit to all the women who'll dignify his ass by having a meal with him?!