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Hey Chase Im just catching this now so Im a few years late to the party. Heres my opinion anyway.......from my personal experience youre 100% right. Splitting the bill is the way to go. Ive paid for dinners and all sorts of other things and ended up in the provider role waiting around for sex that I actually couldve got the first night, had I actually been authentic and not playing along with what society expects. And I think this is what a lot of women on this thread seem to be angry about: That they have a paradigm they operate by and what youre saying is challenging that view of the way the world "should" be.
Not all women for sure, and maybe its a cultural thing in the states where women are dug into the men must pay for them, mentality. Over here in europe things are not so rigid. I mean its easy to fall into the provider role by insisting you pay. But ive noticed that you can stop this dead in its tracks by splitting the bill and by creating sexual tension. Theres a show over here on tv called first dates and 9/10 the guy will pay. Guess what happens? They get ditched at the end of the date. I think you hit the nail on the head by saying what women say and what they do dont synch. And this is why so many women on this thread are angry because they hate being called on this. My view is that they dont want to admit this, even to themsleves. But its the truth.
From my experience its actually very easy to get sex on the first meeting, never mind the first date and i think a lot of guys dont even know this. They dont go for it, instead they play a long game and get no place. I never buy girls drinks, i dont pay for dates yet i manage to seduce beautiful women. Sexual tension and being upfront about my intentions, thats all i ever do now and it works all the time.