Should You Pay for a Date? | Girls Chase

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It depends on where you live and what type of place you go to. I have changed my methods and do coffee houses first. If she does not like it than tough titty. if we connect than we can go somewhere else. Most restaurants in MI cost averages between $40 to $80. That includes drinks and meals unless you get a female that is a lush. This does not include if you want to see a movie. I make a good salary but I do not wish to constantly shell out 100 to 200 every weekend. Women could give a crap because they are typically not paying. I bet if the tables were turned they would start caring a little more. My dating rule is if she is not offering to at least pay a tip by the second or third date than that is the end of that. I paid $200 for a concert recently and the chick wanted something to eat. I let her know that it was on her. Her face was not happy. Oh well! My thing is don't let dates take advantage of you ongoing. If you do than you knew how they were and what was coming in the long run. Personally I'm looking for a woman with a little kindness and a heart. If I wanted to pay for couchy I would get a call girl and I don't have to do that.