Should You Pay for a Date? | Girls Chase

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Hi Everyone, I have never paid for dinner on the first (or second or third) dates. I have been a good listener, a friendly joker, a good lover. I have had various sexual relationships in my life, longer and shorter - great ones, bad ones, pretty good ones. No one has stormed off, and I've never had sex on the first date (and that's fine w me). I'm now in a terrific 20 year old relationship and we have really good, & regular sex. And laughter. And conversations. And vacations. So my point? I am in total agreement w Chase. I had screened out all the guy-as-only-provider women and found a gem of a woman who has a rewarding career like me, and we both are providers. (PS, to all, not to get too graphic, but -- my wife gets, on average, 2 orgasms for every one I get, & that's just fine with me. So I'm not selfish as you might assume.) Yes it does totally depend on the woman, and the man. And their financial status! So, well played, Chase!