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Just pay your own way on a first date you cheap skate, once your in a relationship maybe he will treat you some times once you have earnt his respect. Stop making rules for men that suit woman, most woman won't ask & pay so stop the sexist double standard of who ask should pay rubbish. Men are sick or woman making rules that suit them selves now that most single woman earn as much or more than single men. If you realy want respect stop acting like a prostitute on a first date, insist on equal generosity & if you like him let him know you would be happy to go out again. This will show him you respect him & it won't matter to him if you get into bed on the first date as now he's going to think more long term rather than a short term one night stand. To me you came across as a prostitute & he treated you like one. Eight hours waisting his time, you did not contribute anything & you would not give him the sex he paid for, that sounds like fraude to me, collecting the money but not providing the service.