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Chase, first of all, what you wrote here is definitely NOT science. It's just an opinion of a guy that had a bunch of experiences and conducted a small survey among other guys and blah-blah-blah. Chances are you didn't even get to the top of the iceberg of male/female mating schemes vs money.
Secondly, as a girl, and a beautiful one, I have no problems paying for anybody, and I mean it. Right now I'm supporting my boyfriend who just lost his job and things have been going really bad for him. However, he paid for me during our first dates.
I don't even consider guys that don't pay for me on the first date. Later, we can go Dutch, I can pay for him if I'm interested, no problemo. And, it should be so - after all, women can earn money nowadays! You can afford it. But if he asks me out... Well, let's just say, I was on two dates where the guys pretended like it was okay for me to pay for them when I offered to go Dutch (I do it only when I'm NOT interested in the guy and want to make sure he doesn't think that I owe him, read on, I'll tell you why I am careful with that). I was disgusted. It's a reflex. I am disgusted when I meet cheap people. If I'm generous, how can I date/be friends with a person (I hate even greedy girls) that doesn't even bother to oblige with the rules, traditions/doesn't have a big heart. It's an immediate turn-off.
Now, why do I always claim to pay for myself? Ah! Because one time I had an outrageous experience. I met this guy in London, we've been walking around for 8 hours or so, had a nice time together, discussed many things, etc. Then we went to a pub, he paid for the both of us, secretly, when I actually wasn't looking. Afterwards I went to the loo and asked for the bill (my share was 8.50 pounds) and was greatly surprised when the waitress told me he'd already paid. I was, Wow, OK, well, nice of him, but why didn't he discuss it with me? Anyways, to cut the story short, he saw me back to my hotel in the centre of London, mind you! On the way, he said he wanted to go check my room out, etc. I politely declined and did that several times. And then! he said, Okay, well, you can just return the money later. I didn't even get it at first, but when I did, I was so shocked I took out my wallet and gave him 10 pounds. He said something about the change, but I said, Keep it. I was so disgusted! Actually, he tried to buy my sex for 8.50! I don't even know what's more disgusting: the price tag or the fact. :-))))))))))))) Honestly... My friends still joke about that, and when I came back from London, I heard it was a new fashion out there, to ask a girl out and then leave her to pay he bill either with her wallet or her body. Very 'nice.'
So, you know, I don't hang out with guys that don't pay for me on first dates. I can be just an ice-cream and a fun talk, but when he doesn't... I just know he's not the guy. You can always spot a greedy man, and like you said in another article, I want to have high-quality people around me. That's basically it. Cheers!