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tl;dr: DON'T-DON'T-DON'T (!!!!) reach for your pocket like you're a bloody ATM!

Just made that mistake for the LAST time!
Last week with one Russian chick. First date was flawless, conversing, little kino. Blasting music on way home. FUN.
But I paid...
Next week a casual short date after work, great again. But I paid again.
She didn't even look at the bill, just rushed to the toilette. Two days after that - Gone! Cold as F$%ing ICE, I tell you! Girl had been texting me back and answering every time. After that - Nothing!

Did a little looking back, and paying had NEVER got me anywhere (with the exception of my gold-digging Ex).

Besides, girls want you to pay, and girls don't know what they want, therefore -

Dipply morn the loss of our comrades' money and lays.