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Hey Chase,

first of all I want to thank you for writing this blog, it's a sort of bible for me. I love the way you explain things giving reasons for everything you write, without just saying "do like this" as many other blogs do.

About this post I want to ask you one thing:
when leaving a bar/ice cream shop/any other places with the girl I've been out with and moving toward the cashier, many girls just grab their wallet and ask to pay/split and I'm fine with these ones.

The problem comes with girls who act like they are not even thinking about paying/splitting, i.e. they not even take their wallet out of their bag and they just stare at you and the barman or they start looking at their phone.
It sounds so bad to just say "we have to split"/"pay for your part".

If a girl acts like this but I still want to use your technique, what should I do?

Thanks Chase!