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Ha all the guys on here that ask a women to pay on a first date are a joke. We all know guys hate the word "cheap" but that's what you are. Or you can't afford it..let the girl know ahead of time, so she can decide whether your're worth it. I would be so turned off if a guy asked me to go half or pay on first date. Just ew. If you can't afford to pay don't ask the girl out in the first place. I actually embarrassed for the guys on here that keep making excuses for why it's acceptable. What a joke. You are not a real man. Guys with money are hot, it's a basic instinct to want a provider, no ill intent. If you can't be that for the girl then she will find someone else who can provide that stability for her. Lets be real. No girl wants a broke ass. She make money and want her man to contribute as well.