Should You Pay for a Date? | Girls Chase

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"If a guy didn't pay on the first day i would DEFINITLY not go out with him. It would be the biggest turnoff "

I'm a guy. when a girl doesn't want to pay for half of her bill, it's a turn off to me. I'm fine sometimes paying for a girl after we've been on a few dates beacause now i KNOW you a bit better because i got to LIKE you. but for me to pay for you simply because you are a girl? What are you saying? that girls are better than guys so we should pay for you?

"'ll say it again.. 'IT HAS NOTHING TO DO WITH THE MONEY"

ok if its not about the money, then why are you turned off that the guy wants you to pay half?

basically what you and most woman think is that when a man does not pay he is cheap, but a woman not paying is not cheap. really? having a vagina does not make you superior. most girls and many guys support this sexist view which is why girls have been able to get away with free meals for so long.