Should You Pay for a Date? | Girls Chase

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If I want to sleep with a guy, I will whether he pays or not. But if the guy pays, I am more likely to give bl** also, but if he didn't pay, I would just f*** him if I feel like it, just for myself. So paying for things might mess you guys up with the chances, or sometimes not paying for a girl doesn't matter, but paying does matter if you want more passion... or compassion? lol There's nothing more disgusting than bl**ing a cheap guy. I think women are more reluctant to do this if she's paying for herself, and everything is equal. Sex can be equal, because women get horny, but bl** is hardly viewed equal. Haven't you guys noticed whenever you ask for it, women says, "well, give me massage for it" "Buy me a purse" "Do the dishes for me then" We want something for it. Now seriously, what are the chances you guys ever getting this if you stop paying for women completely!