Should You Pay for a Date? | Girls Chase

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I agree. I believe gender role is important to a extent that just because women has more power than before, people should not forget their gender roles, because it's good for family, individual morality, and for society. But when it comes to money, gender is bs. I am a woman, and some women needs to be taught that men paying was based on dowry crap. Women wanted jobs and money for financial independence, which means, we can pick up the check sometimes too if we can afford it, and we don't need to choose men based on who can pay for us, but someone we like. Same with house chores. In life, the things that require equal partnership because the society demands it, we need to teach each other to change the old mindset to catch up with the modern time. Society is settled for two income family style, so women cannot do all the house chores and caring for a child alone any more, and same goes with men to make enough to support a whole family alone. So, women shouldn't expect that, that will only lead to disappointment and resentment because in the US society, it is no longer true. And men should not ask for all the house stuff to be done by women unless he can afford a single income family. Once that's taught, then women will feel less embarrassed about paying for a man, or base their value on what men paid. It is wrong to teach women if she has any MARKET value, like some kind of merchandise, she wouldn't pay. How about teaching women who are dating regular guys to say, "No, thank you, I got this check, because you got the last" or "Don't be silly, you know I make more than you!" So who pays what is SOLEY based on who makes what. If both equal, then split it or switch around for picking up checks sometimes. I don't understand a girl who wants to be taken out to an expensive meal on a FIRST date!? You don't even know him well on a first date. That's like trying to test if her p**** is worth $100 meal or probably testing for even less. Those girls will sleep with that guy once he impresses her enough with money, but what a sad sad hooker mentality girl. Society seriously needs to teach women that it does not make you value less if you pay for something you can afford and not make someone else buy it for you. But, if people can afford it, both men and women buys things for each other. I firmly believe money should not be involved until people get to know each other more, and until then, stick with something both can afford, and DON'T GO DUTCH, because it's classless, but say, "I'll get the next one." Women need to stop trying to use men for money and self-worth, and men need to stop trying to buy women when you can't even afford it.