Should You Pay for a Date? | Girls Chase

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I agree with your opinion, and my relationship has been that way, and I am a girl. I don't agree with women who tries to take advantage of men to make men pay for them, even though women have money. It should be based on who makes more money, and who can afford what. If it's something both can afford, split it or each pick up the check on different dates. If it's expensive, then make it clear if it's a treat by one person who suggested or both try to have that expensive meal experience together by splitting. If you can't talk about finances like that, then you are not ready in your relationship to be spending money.

But, in general, what I have seen is that some girls just want to see if a man values her with how much money he will spend, which I have never seen such relationship turns to a good healthy one, and they are the first ones to divorce with money issues.

And I also see men who insist on paying to pressure a girl like she owes him sex because he already paid for the service, and have this expectation in their eyes, and hatred if the women refuse.

Women need to be taught to not accept expensive gifts, or go to expensive romantic dinner with a man she's not interested in. This is a good lesson for women to protect themselves from the pressure, or from looking like a money hungry. My neighbor old lady taught me this when I was young. But it's also to respect men and not give them false hope to use them.