Should You Pay for a Date? | Girls Chase

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I think people are arguing here about too many different topics here. I am a girl and I understand what Chase is saying and it is EXACTLY true when it comes to searching for a girl to sleep with, or at least as the first goal. People here are talking about why are there different outcomes, etc, that's because what Chase is talking about is to have an agenda to sleep with a girl and how to be successful as the first mission.

Girls I know who go on many dates, if they are horny, and the man looks good enough, they don't care that they have to pay for themselves, or sometimes even pay for a man. If a man is ugly, they at least want a free meal for their time, and not sleep with them. It'll be nice if a decent to a good looking guy pays, even though that doesn't really make a difference if a girl is looking for someone to admire her body and sexiness. That's why sometimes a same man gets different outcomes from paying or not, because they are dealing with different women who are looking for different things or evaluate him differently whether he is ugly to them or not.

Since there are different outcomes, in a long-run of many dates, if you are looking for horny, or insecure, or desperate women who would have sex without the security of long-term relationship, not paying for them will come out cheaper and better way to get them. Also, if a man pays, like Chase said, it hints even those desperate single girls that maybe they should behave better to not give out the whore vibe, so she can finally find a security. If you are looking for a girl to sleep with, and decide on the long-term relationship with her later, then the best way is not to pay for her. So you can weed out the unlikely ones that won't sleep with you.

I personally don't understand why these men are trying to find ways to sleep with women, like it's some kind of a game, and something to be scored. I think people should try to find things that doesn't cost much money, like costing only gas and soda, and spend time with each other before finances arise, so they can both give time to see if each other is something they are attracted to, before finance clouds their judgement, and you can also see if one is just simply horny and not valuing relationship. People may get really horny at times, and lonely even, but short-term relationship with sex as the first agenda is not good for the girl's heart, no matter how tough and uncaring she tries to make it, and not good in terms of giving an illusion to men that women are OK with that.

I despise women who tries to use desperate men to make them think they will sleep with them, and just make them buy expensive meals. They always flaunt to other girls that they are worth something because men will pay for them. Or flaunt how she's worth something because she attracted a handsome man. Classic insecurity when women value looks or money. I admire women who can be a great support for men in their lives rather than base their value on how much money was spent on her.

I also despise those men, who paid and never got laid, generalize women as users and try to use them back, often by tricking some other women, who are actually desperately lonely as well and care less about your money, into bed. But then leave those women and saying, "Yeah! I got laid!" like it was a game. Those women can't help themselves from sleeping with you because they are just so delighted with any attention they get from men, but secretly hoping you will love her and treat her with respect, even though she didn't act like it. It's their fault, but at least know the difference between women who never slept with you, (who didn't value you as you wished) to those women who value you enough that they sleep with you with dream in their eyes. Hate the women who used you for money, and know that they are never the same person who slept with you.

I think many men are learning bad information about women from those user insecure women, and applying them to the rest of us. Don't go on dates if your mission is to get laid. Don't pay for women if she's about your age and has a decent job. Try to have a relationship by spending some time together. If she doesn't spend time with you to get to know you, then why spend any money or time or effort for such a woman? Don't waste your time with someone who wouldn't love you. It's not good for your self-esteem, or you learn misconception about women in general from such a person, and that will make your world a depressing place.

I've been all those women in my past. Low self-esteem thinking that I am worth a lot as a woman because men paid thousands even though I don't sleep with them, and then lonely because I couldn't find a boyfriend, so desperate for lusty eyes to see if I am attractive, then got over all the insecurities once I met someone who's my best friend. Money and looks never meant much to me other than a cushion for my emotional insecurities, but what I always valued was just someone who I can trust to have a conversation with, and laugh all the time. Now, we talked about finances and split to who can afford what.

So, from experience, girls will sleep with you fast and cheap if she's insecure, horny, or desperate, and that can be almost any single girls in the right time. If that's what you are looking for.