Should You Pay for a Date? | Girls Chase

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Hey Chase!

Great post, I managed to read this one over again, as I was at the mall the another night and I ran into my friend and his girlfriend. What I found to be confusing was the fact that the girl liked him for months and they stayed friends for months until he finally escalated things forward after months of seeing her. Another thing, this girl is beautiful, intelligent, personable and more, meanwhile this guy is pretty average, and there is nothing really all that special/sexy about him, and I know this through our friendship.

I've seen this happen a few times, that's why I'm somewhat confused. In my opinion, Chase, following your advice would lead to a lot more success as logically and emotionally, it easily overpowers anything that society teaches today. So my question is, why do beautiful/attractive girls settle for guys with no game, who move slow, and you're typical nice guy who does everything that society tells them to do like pay for dates, move slow?

The only logical answer I can think of is that they have no other/better options in their life, therefore they fall for the best option available. So do girls only relegate guys to the friendzone if they have other options? Do they just select the best option available and even if he is nothing near to what you advocate on this site, they still settle for him?

I'd figure a beautiful girl would have guys coming from everywhere, some of which would move faster than these normal boring nice guys, so why would these girls be attracted to such average normal guys when they can get practically any guy? Then again, I personally haven't met any guys who understand the need to move fast, and most of them have no game, move slow, and sometimes even get the girl!

The evidence I have lies in the fact that I went to ask my friend how he got his girlfriend and he said, "Man, I just moved slowly, don't move fast, you don't need to/want to!" Also, another guy who is dating this other beautiful girl explained, "You don't have to move fast, just wait like a month and then ask her out! Worked for me, I've been dating my girlfriend for over 2 years." I then asked my friends if these girls had other guys chasing them, both of which said they did. Whenever I meet guys like this, we usually engage in long psychologically related arguments; however, their point of view is always based on what society tells them to do, which is clearly misguided. Oh well, beginners luck I guess?

Anyways, thanks for the help, looking forward to hearing your thoughts, Chase!