Should You Pay for a Date? | Girls Chase

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I agree that paying for the date make you go for the provider and it's less good.
but, I think it's true that most woman have that FLAT RULE in their mind that says:
if the men takes me to a meal (for instance) and not pay, it will lower his points.
this rule is so hard in they mind that I think most of the woman don't want to meet you if you do it.
however, If you did go for a date that cost money and do 50/50, and still the woman want to meet you afterwards the are few reasons for that:
1. you be super perfect on the date (the paing lower your points but, you had too much)
2.maybe the girls was from some culture that don't have this FLAT RULE too important to them)

so unless you have better solution to this,
I anyway thinks that it's better to don't take woman for date that cost money at all. -
not only it's better to prevent things getting too fomal,
but also it's get you two more isolated,
and the positive sideeffect of that is - you don't need to pay, and you don't break the silly law about paying that girls have.

unless you have better way to take girls to date that cost money, split bils and don't break that rule...