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"Trust those who seek the truth, doubt those who claim they've found it."

Don't sell yourself short dude- 19's plenty of time to have a plethora of experiences under your belt. Hell- I've known 57-year-olds that lack the kind of clarity you're speaking (& thinking) with.

Frankly, I'm in the same boat as you- I see both sides of it. Any sensible person wants equality; but on the other hand, both sexes want something for (next-to) nothing- greed is human nature. I just find it amusing when one (or the other) thinks they're totally in the right.

Have we achieved equality? Not yet. Are we heading in (generally) the right direction? Yeah, pretty much. The one thing that prevents me from being 100% in the "everyone should be willing to contribute (monetarily) equally" category is the fact that many fields (esp high-paying ones) are still male-biased and statistically this results in 2 things: 1) females being paid less than males in the same position, and 2) less females in said powerful/high-paying positions. What a lot of guys (sensibly focused on their own pocketbook expenditures) don't realize is that many females are having to take one for the team when it comes to "equal rights" because they're having to act/contribute equal w/o being paid equally.

That being said- props to you man- it takes maturity and introspection to be able to see from another person's POV. People who can only see one side (IMHO) are one of the primary reasons we still have this problem.