Should You Pay for a Date? | Girls Chase

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Forgive my lack of fluff/PC speech. It's not my thing.

It's okay to be old-fashioned; in some parts of the world, it's still the social norm. The point of this article (which multiple people seem to have missed), however, has nothing to do with providing a husband/steady boyfriend/provider model. The point is to provide a model for how to achieve intimacy (i.e. sex) quicker.

According to this post:
If you're a provider, you won't get sex as quickly as someone who's not. Hence, do not provide- do not pay or exhibit (what some would call "gentlemanly") behaviors that would make her think of you as a provider, and you're more likely to get sex sooner.

It's advice on how to achieve a goal, nothing more; it isn't an ethics column discussing the morally (in)correct way to behave (despite what a lot of commenters both male and female have leaned towards in their comments). Don't let (what seems to be the majority of the opinionated) commenters here fool you-- there are ZERO morality claims in the blog post.