Should You Pay for a Date? | Girls Chase

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I am a girl and I call bs on this article. I completely agree with janis. If a girl likes you she will let you know she's interested (it has nothing to do with being put into a certain category). I have paid for dates and I have had dates pay for me. The only difference in chance of getting some action was how engaging were, their confidence, and just overall having a great personality. Looks do of course factor in so I'd say a good looking guy could get away with not paying but I don't believe this would put a good light on the average guy. Maybe the girls thought you couldn't afford the date and felt bad? Or maybe psychologically you felt more empowered and that was reflected in your attitude and confidence which in turn got you laid. There is no significant evidence that the correlation you found in your single case means the action act or lack of action (not paying) was the cause.