Should You Pay for a Date? | Girls Chase

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It's more effective to apply the 5 C's on your dates If you don't wanna pay.

The pay or should not pay is also a great way to find what out a girl is really is (screening/qualifying? am i right?) , whether she's a great girl to be with, that she focuses on YOU and not for the food, drinks etc. or the other, the narrow minded girls (Like these girls who post hate comments, etc. I bet Chase if you can date one of these girls, they'd go like deleting all the comments they posted here, LOL) Always remember that if girl says something, It doesn't mean that it is literal.

I recommend that you should always give a hint to a girl in advance and in indirect way that you're not gonna pay for the date. Like : (after you've asked her to go on a date and she agreed, of course she's gonna ask where or when or whatever...) "Yeah I know a great place, They serve one of the best hot choco in town, and It's affordable for both us. Are you cool?" something like this, I tried this several times and it really worked. The girl doesn't expect me to pay, and sometimes when they're having a lot of fun, they pay for everything ;) Also try this method, Like : (example you go for a hot choco date) you both order for the hot choco first and YOU alone order for something to pair with the chocos (a bread or whatever) Btw, I find it effective on places where there is a "pay as you order" rule.

I'm from PH, and we've got like the most conservative females here and that of traditional dating is mainstream here. (It's hard to get sexually intimate with girlfriend material women in just 3 to 5 dates, you really have to deal with her ASSURANCE psychology thing. tsk.)

Anyways it's just my personal perspective, I'm like running Chase's game for like 5 months now. LMAO!

Another great post Sensei!

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