Should You Pay for a Date? | Girls Chase

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Hi Chase and all the commenter's.

This guy Chase is so right in many of the things he says, and can learn a lot from what he writes, in fact I already have done, cheers Chase.

But he's wrong here, but he's right as well (It depends on how you read what he says), and here's what I mean, you ask someone to lunch, Dinner, Movies or just about anywhere then you pay, you don't ask them to split, you don't ask them to pay, you don't ever, ever make yourself look like a cheapskate Jackass in front of anyone. As someone commentated already, it's not about money, if you don't have the money then don't try to be something your not to try and impress them, especially when you are going to give them the so called sexy smile and demand they pay.
Any woman with half a brain will see right through it, and since we want to date woman with at least half a brain then pay and stop insulting their intelligence.

Remember you asked them for their company, you asked them to the club or chophouse or bar, if she asked you then that would be different, so get your hands in your pockets and pay guys, or you will be thumping the bishop for the rest of your life, some woman will demand they pay, that's different, because they have a reason, if they insist then it's acceptable to come across with the sexy look or smile and say jokingly ''Ok, but be it on your own head then''.

If you want to get woman to pay for drinks and things then there are ways, psychological tricks.
And here's one I learned by accident, I can relate it to you now, whether you agree or not is up to you.

One evening I was standing in a bar talking to a friend, and in walks another friend (John) with an unknown female, he had just meet her (I found that out later) pulled out a £20 note (The higher the value of the note the better) and asked her to get the drinks in, he directed her towards the bar where around 30 40 growling on the pull macho men were standing swallowing lagers and beers like there was no tomorrow, and said to her I need to visit the toilet and will be back shortly.

Look at what he's just done, whether he did it naturally, or whether he planned it I don't know (I asked him a couple of weeks later, but he deliberately evaded my question) , but the psychology was tremendous, and it took me a while to realise it was a masterstroke.
He came back, she gave him the change, drank up and then she went to the bar without saying a word and got the drinks.
Being an observant person I watched this out of the corner of my eye, started to catch on, and thought, Oh John you are crafty, and I love it.

As I said, look at what he's just done, he's just meet this woman, and demonstrated the following positive traits all in one swoop.

Firstly, I'm not mean or a cheapskate, I also trust you inexplicably and recognise you have integrity, money isn't important to me, if I have it I have it and you can have it too, if I don't then I don't and you will have to accept that, I don't fear you getting chatted up by any of those men at the bar, I'm also confident you are not a thief and will be there when I get back, I'm capable of walking away any time, I don't need you, if your still there when I'm back, great.

And as I said, not only was she there, but waiting with the drinks (Rubbering everyone by the way) dutifully until he got back, and also by the way, he didn't come rushing back like a small frightened rabbit, he came back taking his time walking like John Wayne.

I learned from it, and immediately swung in to action at the first opportunity, and I can assure you that not only does it work but seems to have some kind of hypnotic affect on woman, I've tried it on at least a dozen woman when I was out socialising in clubs and bars, and every single one of them bought me drinks and went with me.

Just one thing though, and this is very important, it must be performed naturally, under no circumstances must she be suspicious on what you are doing, and most importantly don't underestimate woman, they are more clever that you think. But if you do it right then you will have fun.

Even if she was super bright and caught on, you could even use that to your advantage and make a joke about it.
Something along the lines of ''I'll need to watch you, you've got some amazing imagination'', if your going around thinking like that, you could easily have relieved me of my wallet, and I wouldn't have even known. AND GIVE THE SEXY SMILE, because you have won and she will know it.

Incidentally, there's a one in a hundred chance she will be off with your high value note, maybe even with someone else, that's life, better to find out she's like that now, so man up and just laugh about it, if you meet her again, don't be annoyed, just laugh and say, if you needed twenty bucks all you needed to do was ask me, there was no need to run of with it, ask and your wish would have been my command, and shake your head and smile, if she makes the mistake of going with you then take her home and nail her and say cheers that was great, must do it again sometime.

Anyway, I think I will go out tonight, and if the opportunity arrives then I will use that trick, or any of the dozen other little tricks I learned from the great ones like Chase.

I wonder what Chases thoughts on that were, maybe he could even refine it and make it more effective.

Anyway, thanks for the great Blog..!!