Should You Pay for a Date? | Girls Chase

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Hi Chase,

I really enjoy reading your articles and I've found them extremely beneficial in getting dates, texting, talking to women, etc.... Thanks for sharing your perspective with the world haha. I'm a little different though because I'm a Christian. I plan on waiting until I get married until I have sex (and I'm 20 now & it's no easy task to wait so long also I'm not a religious monk or anything, I'm a crazy rock climber, I think I like women just as much as the next dude...) :) I think your idea of not paying for the date in order to speed things up is great. I am wanting things to speed up, but I have personal boundaries to not speed up so far that it results in sex. Unlike many guys though, I actually want to get married and have a long-term relationship with one person... but... I don't want to get stuck in the Provider role(had that happen once) and I certainly don't want things to move slow.... I want to keep things interesting and fun and not be labeled. Eventually providing/taking care of my wife is a goal I have; but, why should I be forced to provide for a girl as a college student when I don't have a lot of money lol. Any advice. Do you think not paying for the dates will ony last if the dates results in sex? Any advice?